Adxpay: About Us

With a rise in the number of mobile phone users, there is a growing hunger for high quality multimedia mobile content services. Adxpay is a well-respected and creative media company focusing on this user demand to provide the best in class service.

Adxpay started its journey in 2016 as one of India’s premier content deliver subscription. Today, it leads the pack in the mobile content service industry. It provides video-on-request and mobile content subscription services and has a presence in more than 22 countries. We are a mobile content service users love!

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Our Services


Video Entertainment

Plunge into the world of visual stimulation with access to unlimited quality entertainment in a variety of regional dialects.

Worldwide Network

Adxpay cooperates with several multinational companies to provide our users with the latest and most popular digital content from across the world.

Digital Traffic

We adapt the content as per the requirements of the market to leverage the content’s appeal and maximize subscription revenues.

Content Subscription Services

We believe that advertising needs to be versatile to be impactful; we also offer digital content subscription services.

International Presence

Adxpay is an experienced player in the industry and has a distinctive approach to the mobile internet and video data arena.

Digital Marketing

We have dedicated mobile marketing professionals providing intelligent solutions in the growing digital mobile content sphere.

Why We Are Different


Seamless Viewing

High caliber and local video content in a wide variety of dialects for heterogeneous users


Uninterrupted Access

Stream videos directly on your device and enjoy uninterrupted service even when you are on the move!


Available on PC and Mobile

Videos can be streamed from any PC or mobile be it Windows, iOS or Android.


High Quality Content

Consumers can discover popular digital content through subscription service.

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Feel free to approach Us! We’ll help you in the best possible manner we can.