Adxpay: About Us

Adxpay is a digital advertising agency helping brands to create their digital presence from scratch and reaching great heights. Our experts and their revolutionary strategies has always delivered the best results for its clients. Our targeted audience & data driven approach are our pillars of success since the beginning. Our will to take risks & experiment with multiple thought over ideas has been our strength in most of our client’s route to success & ultimate satisfaction.

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Our Services


Display Ads/ banners

Our creative banners have been one of our top services generating the maximum results for most of our clientele.

Content Marketing

The most relevant and authentic content gets the maximum reach and hence creates actual brand awareness & a dedicated audience.

Influencer Marketing

Adxpay helps the brand to connect with the most influential people on social media and becomes the medium in formulating strategies and bringing out better outcomes.

Affiliate Marketing

Adxpay’s team of expert marketers is a pro at creating strategies for affiliate marketing using all the above services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is definitely a boon in the marketing industry and our social media strategies add stars to such platforms

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to keep your customers engaged and updated with all the special offers and new launches and much more.

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is one the top result oriented practices in digital marketing.

Media Buying

Adxpay aims at identifying multiple ad spaces on different channels having the similar target audience and purchasing them at the perfect time and least cost.
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Why We Are Different

Seamless Viewing

High caliber and local video content in a wide variety of dialects for heterogeneous users

Uninterrupted Access

Stream videos directly on your device and enjoy uninterrupted service even when you are on the move!

Available on PC and Mobile

Videos can be streamed from any PC or mobile be it Windows, iOS or Android.

High Quality Content

Consumers can discover popular digital content through subscription service.

Our Reviews

  • With the increased competition in the digital space, we too wanted to create a digital presence for ourselves and being a startup we didn’t have enough resources to do that inhouse. We are extremely grateful to Adxpay for taking us as a challenge and building up a great presence for us on Instagram & facebook and we were surprised to see the organic leads coming from these platforms and today 45% of our revenue is through social media platforms built by Adxpay.

    Miriam Wisebull
  • Adxpay has been our partner for 2 years now and their strategies are absolutely commendable and specially their creative ad banners and content marketing are their super powers.

    Andrew Lee
  • It’s been a pleasure to work with Adxpay as their services and customer support team is very approachable and open to changes and opinions.

    Stephan Eaglefree

Our Brands