What is ADXPAY?

ADXPAY is a premium performance-based CPI and CPA affiliate network having extensive experience in maximizing ROI for both Advertisers and Affiliates. We offer rewarding business opportunities and long-lasting partnerships to help Advertisers and Affiliates reach their conversion goals. By being a part of the ADXPAY network, Advertisers pay for real results and gain access to high quality traffic whereas Affiliates have access to hundreds of top-performing campaigns. ADXPAY also offers a video subscription service and gaming subscription service with the end goal of providing users with unlimited entertainment and quality content.

ADXPAY is home to lucrative offers from a wide choice of the biggest brands within the affiliate industry. Thanks to the brand trust accorded by our network, our team experience and technological innovation, ADXPAY is a pioneer in online performance marketing.


CPI and CPA affiliate services

ADXPAY is a premium performance-based CPI and CPA affiliate network with extensive experience in maximizing ROI for both Advertisers and Affiliates. ADXPAY has on its panel lucrative offers from the biggest brands in the industry. With our committed account and affiliate managers, ADXPAY is a beacon in the affiliate industry.

Video Subscription Pack

ADXPAY provides a Video subscription plan where users get access to the latest and trending videos across a plethora of categories such as Lifestyle, Comedy and Sports. The plan is compatible across all mobile devices with 500+ videos and fresh content is added daily. Users get to be a part of an online community from which they can unsubscribe whenever they choose to.

Gaming Subscription Service

ADXPAY provides an excellent Gaming subscription service wherein users have access to high-quality games across popular categories like Action, Arcade, Adventure, Puzzle and Logic. With a careful selection of fast-loading games, users are spoilt for choice with over 200 games coupled with multiple language support. Users can sign up for the service from any device while located anywhere in the world.

How do we help ADVERTISERS?

Fraud Detection

We have at our disposal an in-house fraud detection system to protect a brand’s integrity. It allows us to screen all leads and conversions generated to make sure that real media spend is not being wasted on counterfeit inventory.

Targeting and Capping

ADXPAY offers geo and device targeting to a large pool of qualified traffic so that advertisers can reach their desired market. We also allow advertisers to set a cap as per their budget so as not to extend their earmarked advertising budget.

Responsive Platform

Advertisers can benefit from real time reporting and assess the quality of their campaigns. This allows advertisers to scale their campaigns and grow their business in real time.
Dedicated Account Managers

ADXPAY provides first class round-the-clock support to its advertisers. Our experienced account managers monitor success, develop strategies and tailor-made solutions to meet your advertising goals.

Proprietary Software

ADXPAY has in-house proprietary tracking and analytical software reaching and engaging mobile users to optimize your campaigns.

How do we help AFFILIATES?

Committed Affiliate Managers

Your affiliate manager is available round-the-clock to assist you in selecting campaigns, developing promotional strategies and providing top performing offers best suited for your geo and traffic.

Exclusive and International Campaigns

We have built long-lasting partnerships with several advertisers and partners based across the world who work exclusively with us.

Competitive Payouts

We provide competitive payouts with flexible payment terms and a variety of payment methods.

Top Performing Offers

Our advanced algorithm and real time optimization selects top converting offers from handpicked advertisers ensuring high quality of converting offers.

Accurate Reporting

ADXPAY allows you to oversee the reach and efficiency of your campaigns with clarity and high precision.

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